DIY and Autumn Fun (With Color)!

September 30, 2012 | Comments Off on DIY and Autumn Fun (With Color)!

Living in Phoenix and close surrounding areas in Arizona, we always experience a slow transition into fall. As we ease into the new season and the warm days get cooler, the slow transition of colors and textures begin to appear. Many of you know that color is my passion, and I use color to speak […]

The Magic of an Area Rug

September 18, 2012 | Comments Off on The Magic of an Area Rug

I’d like to share an article written by Alyshaan Fine Rugs: 3 Reasons Why Alyshaan is a Designer’s First Pick Interior design is like putting together a tricky puzzle that has dimensions, textures, colors and a ticking timer. Interior designers have to be: part artist, part architect, part psychic, part negotiator and part visionary; while […]

Create Your Own Personalized Style

September 14, 2012 | Comments Off on Create Your Own Personalized Style

If you read my column regularly, you know what a great advocate I am of personalizing your interior spaces. Lately, I’ve become aware of the growing trend of another kind of personalizing. It is with monograms, both in the fashion and home industries. You see it on shirts, blouses and sweaters, belts, bags and jewelry. […]