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You Can Write Your Own Design Story

How would you like to write your own interior design story? We're all living a story—one that we created in our own head. The story is based on our experiences, histories, memories of our parents' home, friends' homes and on media influences.

Look around at your environment (home and work) and ask yourself: How do I want to live? You are the author of your own environment, and you need to write the story that suits you. Martha Beck, author of "The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life? says, "Every living person has the power of authorship when it comes to composing our lives.?

Has the story you've written about your surroundings reflected your taste and selections? Do you feel you're living in an environment that speaks of you?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you prefer comfort or style?
  • What colors or shapes are you attracted to?
  • Does contrast or monochromatic suit your needs?
  • Do you like drama or a softer look?
  • Does large scale or small fit your needs?
  • Is there a particular theme you like?
  • What is your favorite style of furniture?
  • What scents appeal to you?
  • What textures do you like to touch or see?
  • Do you prefer silence, or do you like the sound of running water or music playing?
  • Which have you already incorporated into your present environment and which would you like to bring in?

Did you answer the previous questions from a place inside yourself or do your answers reflect someone else's choices? Do your answers describe your current home?

Next, take some pictures of your home/office and see if it looks like what you wrote.

  • Does the story match your surroundings?
  • If so, are you satisfied to leave it as it is?
  • If not, what are the differences? Why is it different?
  • Are there things you can easily change or does it require an overhaul?

It's particularly surprising when you compare the pictures to what you thought you had in your living space. The spaces may look different. Things that were important suddenly aren't. You might even discover some things you didn't even notice have become visible.

Now rewrite your story as you would like it to be. Be honest. Honesty will get you what you want. Mention the things that are important to you and the things about which you have changed your mind.

Often we feel that we cannot have what we want. When we let go of the "shoulds? and "fears? of decorating, we feel free to express ourselves through our design choices. It is then that we find ourselves living in a place (of authenticity) that really feels like home.

Redecorating isn't the objective here—it is making sure that the pieces you have chosen to surround yourself represent who you are.

Remember, rooms have no feelings, you do!

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