Phoenix, AZ, Theresa Fleming said:

Thank-you, thank-you, thank -you! Every day, I walk into my kitchen and think how beautiful it is. For as long as I live in this house, you will be a part of my life because I will always gratefully remember how wonderful you were in helping me make so many decisions so very quickly. The granite literally takes my breath away every time I see it.

I feel as if you're some sort of fairy godmother. Your work really is amazing, and more importantly your kindness toward and genuine caring about your clients are always so evident. Thanks so much again!

Phoenix, AZ, Jane Allen said:

Barbara Kaplan is amazing. Not only is she extremely talented and able to provide outstanding decorating advice, but she is such a caring person. She truly listens to her clients and wants to make sure that their house matches their taste. Some decorators will only tell you what you should do according to their likes; Barbara uses her vast experience as a decorator and extensive education to help you do what you want to do, and the finished result will be better than anything you could have imagined.

Working with Barbara, you will find that you not only have a beautiful house, but you've had such a wonderful time in creating it. If I could give her six stars, I would!

Phoenix, Az, Lynne Rigberg said:

Through the years, our relationship had shown me that there is a huge difference between a decorator and a "Design Counselor." With your expertise, I've learned that change is not only healthy but can be very exciting. Your guidance in re-creating our master bedroom suite was invaluable and the room has become "our dream come true."The transformation is incredible, exquisite, and extremely functional. Even more exciting, the entire process was an enjoyable one with you by my side. Thanks for just being you... You're amazing!!!

Carefree, AZ, Debbie Seplow said:

I want to send out a Big Thank You to Barbara Kaplan and the Bajaro Method! I sat at my laptop and completed her questionnaire to better determine my decorating style. The questions were thought provoking and really dug deep into my decorating likes. Before receiving the questionnaire results I couldn't define my style and didn't know how to complete my "look". With Barbara's input - I NOW DO! Thank you Barbara.

Petaluma, CA, Elan Wetterschneider said:

Barbara Kaplan gave me the confidence I needed when it came to designing my home. I took the profile, “poof” out came the answers I needed. Barbara is not like other designers that offer their thoughts of how YOUR home should be. Instead she talked to me and asked me what I wanted/needed in the space I was decorating. Her philosophy and approach is exactly what the doctor ordered. I absolutely LOVE my home and I know that I decorated it myself with just a little nudging along the way…THANK YOU Barbara for making my home express who I am.

Phoenix, AZ, Amy Fellner Dominy said:

When I called Barbara, I had hoped she could help with a small redecorating project. I had no idea she'd open my eyes to a world of color and design. She gave me the confidence to explore my tastes and ultimately to create surroundings that reflect who I am. Together, we transformed my space so I truly feel more at home in my home.

Barbara is so much more than just an interior designer. Over the years, she's helped me transform rooms by doing nothing more than rearranging furniture--and my imagination. She's helped me re-envision my office, create comfort in my surroundings, and gain confidence in my unique style. I can't wait to see what she helps me with next!

Fountainhills, AZ, Tami Bickley said:

It means so much to me that you assessed each room with me. Since your visit, the way I view both my home and my life has changed. I'm striving for comfortable function and peace here now, rather than putting things in places because I saw it in a magazine. I've changed a number of areas of my home, with your voice in my head. And there are more changes to come!

My husband was delighted to hear what you had to say about his office, his nightstand, and your take on his lack of presence in the house. I placed a small lamp on his office desk today, and after a few minutes, he was sold on the idea of altering the entire room, just like you said we should. Also, I actually sat in my sitting room for the first time ever and read the other night. What a great change of scenery!

Barbara, I can't thank you enough for your time, professional suggestions and friendly encouragement.

Chandler, AZ, Michael & Bonnie Sperling said:

Barbara was the catalyst for our remodel, redesign, and redecorating of our home. She provided the push when we needed shoving. Her Bajaro Method enabled us to find what we really liked in redesigning and redecorating our living space. Her skill provided just the right amount of inspiration for us to find our comfort zone. Three years on and we are still in love with our space. Thanks Barbara.

Phoenix, AZ, Pat Levin said:

Barbara, I appreciate so much how you helped us "take the fear out of interior decorating"?. When Jeff and I bought this house we wanted to add some color and thought of painting an accent wall. As you know, I am not timid about self expression in areas that I am familiar with, but decorating isn't my area of expertise, so I didn't trust my instincts. You listened, applied your knowledge of us and our lives and your advisement was right on. You were able to zero in on what I desired to do, instead of what I voiced.

Because of your encouragement, we found our edge and have been so happy with our decorating decisions. Our home makes me smile every time I enter it, and isn't that what it is all about?

Later, when it came time to do some updates how fortunate for me that you wrote "The Bajaro Method"? for me to turn to. It was just like you being there to listen and encourage. I turn to it every time I need "permission".

Thanks again, and I wish everyone their own healing environment.

Phoenix, AZ, Amanda Thomas said:

"Having Barbara teach me about my palette of colors has truly been life changing! I used to feel uncomfortable in my house, but not know why. Now, with a few changes of color, I feel at peace. Knowing my colors I can also now walk into a store and find the exact color that will look good on me. I cannot express enough gratitude to Barbara for this education!"

Amanda Thomas — President of "Moxie Girl" A Home Services Company

Scottsdale, AZ, Michell Brown said:

"I took The Bajaro Method Interior Design Preference Profile online and for the first time it made me think about my home and my preferences. This process made me understand that my space is my sanctuary. The questions helped me learn more about my likes, dislikes, and what makes me feel comfortable. It made me consider choices outside my normal "box" of ideas. Based on the results, I plan to add more color and some items that are soothing that reflect my personality."

Michell Brown — Body Mind Wellness Coach

Phoenix, AZ, Ricki and Ralph Pagano said:

Barbara helped us create a home environment that is truly a reflection of our lifestyle. She took us through a process in which we were able to refine our ideas and implement them with confidence.

Phoenix, AZ, Susan Yadon said:

I want to open the door, walk in and have it be me and done. I didn't even know my colors, never even thought about them. Barbara was able to get me to focus, gently and lovingly, and to become interested in selecting fabrics and tasks of that sort. Ultimately, all of the choices were mine and my husband's. I understand why I made each and every one and I love it all. Barbara's gentle guidance opened me up to this new world and I tip toed in until I became comfortable. Barbara was the ‘wind beneath my wings'.

Scottsdale, AZ, Orna A. said:

Barbara designed our house several years ago, and really understood our needs and personality. She has a fantastic sense of color, and was a pleasure to work with. We continue to enjoy her work, as it is part of our daily atmosphere.

Prescott, AZ, Deborah Mainville-Knight said:

"Barbara Kaplan gets to the heart of the matter. In her Bajaro Method certification classes, Barbara shares extensively from her years of experience with vendors, clients, and the design industry. More importantly, she offers a unique opportunity to understand how important the human element is in transforming a room into an inviting living space, a house into a home, a space into a sanctuary. I was reminded to actively listen to my clients and remember that design should always be a collaborative process...after all, it is their home!

Phoenix, AZ, Bonnie Miereau said:

"The Bajaro Method opened my eyes to fully see how much actual power (and responsibility) we are given in entering another person's ‘interior space.' The workshop gave me tools to more effectively listen to the client in a different way and ask questions that I would never have thought of before. Through this training, I am much better prepared to understand a client. I also learned to involve them in every step of the project which not only helps share the responsibility but gives them confidence as well. I have always believed that people don't care how much you know if they know how much you care. To me, Barbara is one of the few special spirits on this earth who exemplifies this."

Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Gino Tutera said:

Your book is such a wonderful read. Carol and I both enjoyed it. I am sharing it with the patients as well.

Mesa, AZ, Marcy Dodge said:

"Whenever I am asked about the Bajaro method I find myself at a loss for words, which is a miracle in itself. The reason I find it so hard to explain to others is because I feel the Bajaro method can be many things to different people. For me, the Bajaro Method Certification was awe inspiring and very spiritual. It is still hard to put into words the way that I felt after my Bajaro training. No matter what path you decide to take; the Bajaro Method journey is worth the trip!"

Gilbert, Arizona, Deanna Hatfield said:

Barbara Kaplan is fantastic! She took me shopping and we had a blast. We were wheeling and dealing it was great! Seriously, I didn't realize hiring a designer could actually save me money!

Can't wait to see my redecorated house! Also, since she knows that I want to move in the near future we are mostly doing things I can take with and/or will help the house with resale. I almost think it's better that I'm starting now with this house because I'm learning so much, by the next house, game on!

Scottsdale, Arizona, Ray Milliman, Realtor said:

Barbara Kaplan is an awesome interior designer. Just see what she can for your home. You will love it!

Urbandale, IA, Lisa Griffith said:

"The Bajaro Certification has been an invaluable experience. I feel that I have known Barbara for 16 years and have witnessed first hand how the Bajaro Method has worked for her—both in terms of client satisfaction and professional gratification. I am now entering the design profession and feel so very fortunate to have the benefit of her vast experiences. I feel that the methods that Barbara teaches are in the clients' best interests, which inevitably ensure client satisfaction. This will definitely give me a competitive advantage. Thank you Barbara!"

Phoenix, AZ, April Adams said:

"I finally understood why my home looked beautiful, but I really wasn't happy living in it. Once I did the work writing down my feelings about each item in a room, how I felt about them, acknowledging where they come from, if I was I happy with this item, did I really want this item and do I really need this item. Barbara Kaplan helped me understand why the beautiful watercolor paintings in my bedroom were wrong for me. They were a gift from my first husband's mother; and the one item we fought over in the divorce. Every time I looked at them they brought out angry feelings, which I was not paying attention to. By using the three elements of Bajaro: Understanding, Accepting and Allowing I was free to redecorate my whole home as a true reflection of myself. It is truly a sacred space that is stress-free and cheerful. Thanks to Bajaro I had the confidence to make my dreams come true."

April Adams - President - Corporate Destination Services

Scottsdale, AZ, Carolyn Richardson said:

"This book is a wonderful guide to creating personal sacred spaces. Kaplan generously shares her methods on connecting to the interior design process whether it's between designer and client, or someone performing the task alone. The exercises gently lead to an invaluable path of self-discovery, awareness, self-confidence, creative expression and empowerment. These are fabulous tools, not only for the design process, but for life. Kaplan has the ability to 'ground' us and send us 'soaring' at the same time."

C.Richardson - President of the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers-North America - Allied ASID, Bajaro Method Certified

Scottsdale, AZ, Sharon Cottor said:

"This book offers clarity, caring and direction for your wishes of a comfortable home that is 'yours', not just a show piece. It is a healing process to just go through the book and even better when you complete the outcome though which Barbara Kaplan guides you. She personally adds a brilliance to your efforts of creating a 'Home'."

Sharon Cottor - Psychologist - Creating The Future

Porterville, CA, Mimi Stoneburner said:

"Barbara Kaplan's technique called the Bajaro Method takes the mystery out of decorating and lets you decorate from the heart. Finally a guidebook that teaches you how to decorate a room or entire house that says everything about you and your family. It's like turning each room into a family museum. It's a space you feel comfortable in and want to share with your friends. Barbara has motivated me and given me the confidence to take my bland office and turn it into my happy space."

Mimi Stoneburner - Host of Body Talk, K-TIP Radio

Scottsdale, AZ, Mickey Smith said:

"What a treat to find a design book where I'm in charge. Barbara Kaplan shows how to draw on life experiences to create an environment that is personally gratifying and comforting yet professional in appearance. Barbara lightly guides as she helps us understand our needs and wants. Ideal for the first time home owner or an old hand."

Mickey Smith - Realtor with Realty Executives—this makes a great house warming gift.