The Bajaro Village

Become a member and join like-minded people to learn how to create healthy, personal, and beautiful environments. As a member you will:

  • Receive the video results—watch Barbara Kaplan show you how to use fabrics in all of the palettes; plus more videos weekly.
  • Be able to listen to Barbara's bi-monthly telephone conference.
  • Receive a minimum of 10% discount for all seminars.
  • Gain access to advice from experts—read their articles, see their videos, and hear their interviews.
  • Learn to use The Bajaro Method toolkit and much more.

Interior Design Coaching and Guidance - this is available individually or through the Bajaro Village.

Memberships to Come

  • Bajaro Method Inner Circle for Interior Designers
  • Bajaro Community for Bajaro Method Facilitators

Interested in Joining? Contact us today for more details on this exciting feature begining March 1, 2010