What is the Bajaro Philosophy?

The Soul of Change

You can change anything about you…your home, business, life and redesign the way you live in your personal environments. Bajaro helps you make the right decisions. It is an emotional process involving your mind, heart, and spirit—in the Bajaro World this is called "inner design." The following three-step approach guides you in finding answers for yourself.

Change - From Awareness to Action

Element one is Understanding - it is a learning process all about you. This Element explores your feelings about how you want to live in your environments. When your mind understands the information you've gathered, you will be able to create a plan.

  • Dialogue your thoughts and ideas with someone you trust.
  • Journal your feelings about how you want to live.
  • Decide which design ideas belong to you, and which belong to someone else.
  • Discover what you really need and want.
  • Determine what makes you look and feel good.

The second Element is Accepting - this is the time you come to believe in your new choices. It's important to acknowledge you deserve everything you have chosen. Be willing to release what isn't working and letting in what you discovered will work for you. Your heart becomes comfortable with your decisions.

  • Decide what is most and least important to you.
  • Prioritize what needs to be done.
  • Trust your decisions and choices.
  • Determine your financial goals.

The third Element is Allowing - this is having the self-confidence and courage to act upon your plan. Let go, grow and flow with this knowledge to make it happen. Your spirit is expressed by taking responsibility for completion.

  • Make sure you are at the center of all decisions.
  • Surround yourself with capable people who will help you.
  • Stay focused and don't let doubt in.
  • Use the unexpected as an opportunity for greater creativity.

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