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What is The Bajaro Method?

For most people their home is a refuge—a place where they can go to forget about the outside world. A place that allows them to go within to create healing for the things they cannot control. This is what I refer to as a person's "sacred space� or "healing environment.� Everyone needs a sanctuary where they feel safe from the outside world and in control of their circumstances.

(As we leave our homes and go about our business everyday we have musts and shoulds to deal with. How we respond to them dictates how we feel. At the end of the day it is our home where we rejuvenate and energize for tomorrow—it's a place where healing occurs.

You can create your own healing environment with a technique I developed called the Bajaro Method. It is an emotional design process involving your mind, heart and spirit. This three-step approach helps you find the answers for yourself.

The first Element is Understanding—which is a learning process all about you. This Element explores your feelings to discover how you want to live in your environment. Once your mind understands the information you gathered you will be able to create a design plan.

Here are the steps to understanding:

  • Expose yourself to design ideas through magazines and visiting showrooms
  • Dialogue (talk about) your thoughts and ideas with someone you trust
  • Keep a journal of your feelings about how you want to live
  • Decide which design ideas belong to you or someone else
  • Ascertain what you need to live with such as furniture, accessories, etc.
  • Determine what colors make you look and feel good

The second Element is Acceptance—this is the time you accept your design choices. It's important to believe that you deserve everything you have chosen and be willing to spend the time and money necessary to finalizing your plan. Your heart becomes comfortable with the information and you are able to connect with your feelings and the project.

  • Decide what is most and least important to you
  • Prioritize what needs to be done
  • Establish a budget

The last Element is Allowing—having the self-confidence and courage to act upon your plan. Once this happens you can move ahead to let the project develop and grow, knowing as it progresses that you will be able to fearlessly handle whatever presents itself because it is an expression of who you are. Your spirit is expressed by taking responsibility for completion.

  • Make sure you are at the center of all design decisions
  • Trust your decisions and choices
  • Surround yourself with capable people who will help you through the project
  • Stay focused and don't let doubt in
  • Use the unexpected as an opportunity for greater creativity

Bajaro helps you make the right decisions—when using this method you gain the confidence to make choices based upon your likes and dislikes. Find the pieces of furniture and accessories that attract you in some way.

The difficulty in making a decision about a design choice has to do with the fear of making a mistake. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this piece? Do I think it will look good? Will I use it? Do I like touching it, holding it, and seeing it? If what you are attracted to feels right, it is right—and it won't be a mistake.

Take yourself shopping knowing that you won't make a mistake. Experiment with your environment to create a signature look that is all your own.

And always remember, Bajaro is about you. Rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

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