Meet Barbara Kaplan

As the leading proponent in the interior design world for environments that allow people to feel good, Barbara Kaplan has worked with clients to help them create personal spaces that are a reflection of their own identities. She has helped thousands of people open their minds and souls so they can live fearlessly in environments that celebrate their authentic selves…the true "interior” design!

Through her years of experience Barbara developed an interior design approach that she shares in her book, The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, You Do!

Now, Barbara has expanded The Bajaro Method to include personal branding called "Living In Your Colors”. This color concept helps people identify what they like and how they would like to be seen thus creating their true image and "interior” signature. Once this is reflected for the world to see, greater personal freedom and professional success follows.

Barbara is the Past President of International Furnishings and Design Association & Women At The Top, Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers. Her company, Design Dimensions, has been in business for over 25 years. Barbara has had her own column in the Tribune family of Newspapers and the City Sun Times. She has appeared in magazines and on HGTV, and other television and radio programs. Barbara has presented seminars about The Bajaro Method and certified design professionals in The Bajaro Method™.