Seminar Testimonials

Deborah Mainville-Knight said:

"Barbara Kaplan gets to the heart of the matter. In her Bajaro Method certification classes, Barbara shares extensively from her years of experience with vendors, clients, and the design industry. More importantly, she offers a unique opportunity to understand how important the human element is in transforming a room into an inviting living space, a house into a home, a space into a sanctuary. I was reminded to actively listen to my clients and remember that design should always be a collaborative process...after all, it is their home!"

Bonnie Miereau said:

"The Bajaro Method opened my eyes to fully see how much actual power (and responsibility) we are given in entering another person's ‘interior space.' The workshop gave me tools to more effectively listen to the client in a different way and ask questions that I would never have thought of before. Through this training, I am much better prepared to understand a client. I also learned to involve them in every step of the project which not only helps share the responsibility but gives them confidence as well. I have always believed that people don't care how much you know if they know how much you care. To me, Barbara is one of the few special spirits on this earth who exemplifies this."

Marcy Dodge said:

"Whenever I am asked about the Bajaro method I find myself at a loss for words, which is a miracle in itself. The reason I find it so hard to explain to others is because I feel the Bajaro method can be many things to different people. For me, the Bajaro Method Certification was awe inspiring and very spiritual. It is still hard to put into words the way that I felt after my Bajaro training. No matter what path you decide to take; the Bajaro Method journey is worth the trip!"

Lisa Griffith said:

"The Bajaro Certification has been an invaluable experience. I feel that I have known Barbara for 16 years and have witnessed first hand how the Bajaro Method has worked for her—both in terms of client satisfaction and professional gratification. I am now entering the design profession and feel so very fortunate to have the benefit of her vast experiences. I feel that the methods that Barbara teaches are in the clients' best interests, which inevitably ensure client satisfaction. This will definitely give me a competitive advantage. Thank you Barbara!"