The Bajaro Method Action Plan
Home. Business. Life. Design.

Now that you have read the Bajaro Method Philosophy you see that you are in charge and can move forward from here to create YOUR HEART'S DESIRE. When you take some time to learn about you, you will realize how easy it is to make changes. You need only please yourself. (If you live with others—request they get involved with you.)

For decorating and wardrobe changes begin with the Interior Design Preference Profile and get your results to learn about your preferences, and then read The Bajaro Method: Room Have No Feelings, YOU Do! Be sure to answer the 22 Discovery questions inside the guidebook. You can also journal your feelings as well.

For decorating changes, read interior decorating magazines and use the unique Bajaro Technique to determine what you really like in each picture. On the home page you can watch Barbara on a free video as to how to evaluate a specific picture.

After taking the Preference Profile, for decorating changes in your home and business, or wardrobe, order your set of Bajaro Color Palette Guides to take with you when shopping.