Your "Interior" Design Journey

Generally, interior designers have made it look like designing a room required a special talent and it does if you are doing this for someone else. Interior design and decorating traditionally has been about the room you are creating.

It's important to understand that interior design is not a science it is a creative process called art—and art is always interpreted by the viewer. It is a personal reaction to what is being viewed. So if you like something and it makes you feel good—then it's right for you.

Once you believe that you can be your own interior designer you are on your way. Remember, Bajaro relates to you personally. What you learn applying Bajaro will support you on your journey. Because it will:

  • Remove fear when decorating, which allows you to make the best choices.
  • Clarify your intentions to easily make changes.
  • Express your personal "interior" into exterior design—that is the room, of course.
  • Build your confidence to make wise and practical purchases.
  • Guide you in creating your own beautiful, happy, and healthy environment.
  • Transform your thoughts into choices, actions, and results that please you and the people you live with.
  • Help you find your "signature" design.

Keep in mind we are ever changing. The understanding, accepting, and allowing, continues to happen and enriches the design as the project develops. Now you are ready to make decisions based on what you have learned about yourself and how you react to what is around you. You can now celebrate who you have discovered by creating an environment that reflects you.