Bajaro Decorating Self-Discoveries

Journaling is a great way to get to know who you are. If you prefer not to journal you can answer the questions in our Discovery section and respond as briefly as you choose. Whatever you learn about yourself is valuable and will make the changing process easier.

Try The Bajaro Method Self-Discovery Exercises, as they will help you identify and understand your own feelings. These personal discoveries are your private thoughts and feelings about how you want to live and work in your most personal spaces.

Relax and take your time while you play with each exercise; the process of self-discovery can be enjoyable. Within the Discoveries you will receive suggestions on how to create an ideal setting in which to design your dream home, dream business and dream life. Make believe you have no restrictions in money, space, or demands from others. You may be surprised as to what appears. The real you, is yearning to be expressed, heard, and seen. You are encouraged to honestly and freely write down your feelings with these discoveries. What you learn about yourself will lead you to your desired result.

Remember, you don't have to do all the exercises at once. Completing all of them will create a beautiful portrait of you. Purchase the 18 Self-Discoveries or buy the book; The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, YOU Do! and receive all 22 discoveries. Enjoy watching yourself evolve into your "interior" design journey! Purchase the Bajaro Decorating Self-Discoveries today.